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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another link to a a fantastic article questioning the relevance of classical music

A while ago I came across this fantastic article on Terry Blackburn's webpage.  I don't personally know this man, but I find many ideas in this article thought-provoking.

My initial reaction upon hearing the question, "Is classical music relevant?," is to equate relevance with popularity and popularity with a larger, more enthusiastic audience.  But after reading this article, I began to see that perhaps such a focus is misguided.  It is good to be reminded that most of the music that has lived on in the classical music world has lived on not because of individuals but simply because the music itself seems to transcend time, culture, and trends.  So even though it may at times appear the audiences are dwindling in number and perhaps enthusiasm, I think it is important to take heart, stay encouraged, and continue on, reveling in the knowledge that what we do might not be popular, but really is relevant, at least to me.


  1. I like!!! Exactly why this is one of the few blogs I hit "follow" on (and end a sentence with a preposition).


  2. Awww..., thanks for the vote of confidence! I guess I'll keep posting ;-) There's always something to say.