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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Part II of my interview with pianist Jade Simmons

Yesterday I posted a video of an interview that I did this past weekend with the talented, exciting, fresh, fashionable pianist, Jade Simmons.  Jade has recently written a book called Emerge Already! The Ultimate Guide for Career Building for Emerging Artists.  If you missed yesterday's post, click here to read it and to view Part I of our interview in which we discussed our epiphanies and evolutions as performing artists and the balancing that it takes to be what I call a "mom-musician."  We've gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from folks who seemed to enjoy it so without further ado, here is Part II, in which we discuss carving your own niche, branding, and knowing when it's time to ask for help and to build up a team that can help you be the artist that you genuinely are.  

If you're interested in learning more about what she has to say, please do check out her book.  If you decide you want to purchase it be sure to click here and to enter in the coupon code NX84V to get the book for only $5 compared to the $7.99 list price.  

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