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Monday, November 23, 2009

A link to an article with an interesting perspective on classical music

A few months ago, when I was began looking into what folks in the field were saying about classical music and it's future, I came across this article that was written back in December of 2007 by Anthony Tommasini for the New York Times.  Back when I read it, I found it very enlightening even though the observations Mr. Tommasini makes, in particular about the discrepancy of length between your typical classical work versus the typical popular song, seem like they should be obvious.  And now that I've spent several months reading articles on the internet, lurking around in twitterland, talking to musicians and non-musicians here and there, I find this article just as insightful as is was the first time I read it so here it is for you to enjoy...I look forward to hearing, or rather reading your comments on the article.

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