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Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the lighter side...Emanuel Ax joins the hilarity of the musical comedians, Igudesman and Joo

OK, time for a little is a hilarious new video posted on youtube by the musical comedian team, Igudesman and Joo.

In my opinion, these guys are really quite brilliant in addition to being talented musicians.  They have found a way to make classical music utterly hilarious and I find that so refreshing.  The first time I watched some of their videos with my husband, Tadd, we spent quite a while afterwards trying to figure out if and how we could add some tasteful comedic elements into our performances.  We are both pretty convinced that there is nothing wrong, in fact there is a lot right, with hearing your audience laugh, as long as it's for the right reasons, of course.  It's a great way to break down that ever-present wall that tends to exist between the performer and the audience.  Doing something different can also shed a more personable light on a performer - it can show the audience more of who a musician really is as a person, not just as "that pianist" or "that violinist."

So bravo to Igudesman and Joo but even more so to Emanuel Ax, who definitely shows a different side of himself in this unique performance.  Not only is he a pianist to be admired, he's also pretty good at being just plain goofy!  Bravo, Mr. Ax, Bravo!

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