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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creativity Discovered: Musique à Voir (Music to See)

One of the things I love to do is to poke around on the internet to see what other folks are doing in the classical music world.  It amazes me how many talented, creative musicians and artists there are out there, coming up with new ways to present the music I feel most at home with.  But it just occurred to me that I rarely, if ever, share these discoveries with anyone else which seems a bit on the silly side.  These multi-dimensional, hard working artists deserve a moment in the spotlight, as small as that spotlight may be.  So without further ado, when I make one of these discoveries, I am going to but them up on this blog with the title, "Creativity Discovered."  

To kick off this part of the blog, I want to introduce a group from France called Musique à Voir.  On their webpage, their byline is, roughly translated by me, " reveal the universe and intimacy of an author, a style, a composer...this union of artists weaves arts and emotion in spectacle-concerts."  What a wonderful mission!  And their presentations, at least in my mind, are so successful at carrying such a merging of the visual and the aural senses.  Here is a clip from their show about the French composer, Erik Satie, "Satie et la Belle Excentrique"- 

I love the set with the paintings in the background, the costumes, the whimsical chairs, the acting, even the out-of-tune piano.  It transports enchants me...

Musique à Voir has also presented a show about Clara Schumann...

It doesn't matter to me that I don't understand all of the French...the spirits of the composers and of the characters speak in a language of their own and that's what I love.  I imagine it would be hard not to be drawn into such a presentation.

So kudos to you, Musique à Voir!  Now I have another great reason to hop on a plane bound for France.  Au revoir!

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  1. The show about Satie looks great, but the group does not seem to tour much. Too bad I missed it...