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Friday, March 9, 2012

Beethoven in 15 not-so-good minutes a day - Day 10

I was due for another slightly discouraging day.  But crazy as I am and as painful as these times are, I actually embrace the not-so-successful practice sessions because they more often then not inspire me to a new level in subsequent days.  At first I was very tempted to leave this particular video out, partially because I look absolutely terrible after a long day of practicing and rehearsing, but I've decided to include it for the sake of honesty and integrity.  Who knows.  Perhaps it will provide some needed entertainment or encouragement for someone else out there.  

So without further 10.

This session was made up mostly of what I call spot-checking.  I did a lot of jumping around to various passages that have been giving me trouble.  With all that jumping came very little focus, unfortunately.  When I was watching the video a little later it occurred to me that even though I had recorded my second assessment just the other day I hadn't taken the time to carefully listen to it and to note what I needed to be working on.  Perhaps that was part of my problem - I didn't really know what I should be doing.  Perhaps I'll have a little more focus the next time around.  

Here's hoping!

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