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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My book on practicing is born!

After years of writing this blog, helping musicians of all ages, stages, and instruments with learning music, and even more years of my own practicing, I have finally put together and published my first book!!! (I don't think I could include too many exclamation marks for this event!)  Inspired Practice - motivational tips and quotes to encourage thoughtful musicians grew pretty quickly this summer out of my strong desire to share with more people what I share with young musicians on a daily basis.  When deciding what kind of book I wanted to create I looked at what's already out there.  There's a lot of really great stuff!  Lots of smart musicians have wonderful advice for those that are seeking it.  Wanting to contribute something a little different, and being the visual person I am, I decided to put together a coffee-table book for the practice room and the music studio.  I wanted something visually appealing that could be picked up and opened to any page for a quick injection of inspiration.  There's no storyline, no beginning, no end; just as with practicing and music-making there are no rules.  Full-page, color photos provide visual support for my practice tips and inspirational quotes from others are sprinkled throughout.

I've learned a lot through the process of putting this little book together.  Biggest lesson?  That visually appealing books cost a lot of money to produce.  By the time I was done choosing and purchasing all the images and had put together the book I learned this little lesson.  It was heartbreaking to be honest, because this book is what I had in my heart - I didn't think I could trash it all and start again with black and white images, or without images at all.  I also didn't want to write a how-to book.  As I wrote earlier, there are already plenty of great ones out there and I'm a busy mom in addition to being a performer and teacher.   In the end I decided to follow through with the book as it is here.  In an effort to bring down the cost I have purchased 250 copies myself so that's what I am offering to all of you.  The cost is now $28.95 for each softcover copy.  PDF versions and ebook versions made specifically for iPads are also available for $9.99 each.  And if you want to start with an electronic version first but decide later on to purchase a softcover for your practice space or music studio, do let me know that you have already purchased an electronic copy - I'm happy to give you a discount!

Music teachers, stores, and schools, I'm also happy to talk about discounts for the purchase of multiple copies.  Just let me know.

All formats are available through blurb's website (a fantastic company, by the way!) but softcovers are cheaper if you buy them through me on my own website using paypal, at the following url:

This is all new to me and I'll be figuring out the whole process of taking in and processing orders as I go so please be patient.  I'm no

Finally, my many thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging throughout this process.  I feel like I've just given birth again and as with my daughter, I couldn't be more proud or excited.  
Happy practicing, everyone!  And maybe now I'll be able to start writing blog posts again.

Your friendly, neighborhood practice coach, 

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  1. Bravo! Getting a book out there is no easy feat and yours looks well thought out and beautiful. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Melanie! It's been encouraging and inspiring to follow in so many other wonderful musician's footsteps :-)