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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So how did it go?

A twitter friend tweeted me yesterday, asking how the performance went on Sunday so I thought I should do a quick self-review for anyone that is interested.

I had an absolutely wonderful time performing the Lukas Foss Capriccio!  I was hoping to have at least a little time to warm up on the cello and to play a couple of sections slowly since I hadn't had any time to play it on Saturday.  But that didn't really happen.  In spite of that, however, the performance went very smoothly, with only one slightly significant blip where I started a difficult passage on the wrong string.  I always expect mistakes, though, so I think I got through it pretty smoothly.  

Most important is that I did have fun and I was delighted to be able to share the piece with everyone.     I also thought it fit well into the "evocative cello" theme since to me the piece conjures up images of a cowboy on his trusty horse.  Although I don't typically use props in my performances, we did decide to use a few in this situation, especially since there were lots of kids in the audience.  I had purchased a Sesame-Street-like cowgirl puppet at the local store and I put her on my scroll at the top of the cello, for the performance.  The pianist, Martin, wore a big black cowboy hat and cowboy-style tie, up to the stage.  It brought a few laughs and smiles which to me, is precious.  

But I'm relieved, I must admit.  I don't recommend learning pieces at the last minute like this but every once in a while I figure it's good to test my practice methods!  So test on to the next project.

Happy practicing!

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